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Is Portion Control Important For Weight Loss?

Besides watching what you eat, how much you eat is the next most important aspect in trying to lose weight. Portion control is necessary to control the intake of calories as well as implementing discipline, necessary in successful weight loss. In fact, it can make or break your goal of losing weight.

Portion control is about learning the calorie intake from certain foods and putting them into portions so the dieter can control caloric intake into their body. As an example, instead of putting your leftovers away as is, put them in portion sizes so you won’t be tempted to scoop out too much and lose your portion control. Portion control is an important part of diets like Atkins, The Zone, or Weight Watchers.

Controlling the portions of what is eaten allows the dieter to systematically control the size of what’s eaten so they can control how many calories are consumed. When dieting, calorie counting is a necessary function to determine how many calories are consumed at each meal. Portion control allows the dieter to plan meals around the specified calorie count determined by the dieter. When serving meals, it would be best to use portion control and serve just what is needed on the plate leaving the rest of the food off the table. This will prevent the urge for overeating when extra food is in front of the dieter.

Losing weight is a complicated and confusing process. Many factors go into the success of weight loss and portion control is one of the best ways to lose weight so the importance of staying focused while dieting is paramount. When portion control is used in dieting, it sets precedence to give the dieter options without having to struggle with decisions based on what, and how much to eat. The dieter decides what to eat and pulls that food out, already pre-portioned and the guesswork is removed.

Once a process is set up, the dieter has less stress when dealing with food because the food is portioned and the struggle in fighting food urges is drastically removed. It’s kind of like trying to decide what to wear every day when you’re searching through the closet debating on this blouse, or that shirt. If you took the time to coordinate your wear one day a week, set them up in order of use, when it came time to dress, all that would be needed would be to grab the outfit of choice. The same with portion control. If the food is already set up, all the dieter has to do is grab the food of choice and eat.